Cloud services and which one is best for price and performance?

hello long-time customer at dropbox, I am very interested in, its possible to arrive next at infuse would make me take the plunge!
Do you know what continent the servers are on?


To be honest I have no idea. I was just looking for an alternative to GD. Have you ever had a bad experience with Dropbox? Any file deleted or something from them? I have 25TB that I need to migrate to other service.

hello, dropbox is perfect I currently have 215 TB of storage with them, but paying 770 euros per year makes me think I also inquired about pcloud but I don’t know how to transfer my 215 TB without saturating my bandwidth…

That’s per year right?

I don’t know but you can also use RClone to transfer but not sure un that works for you. PCloud is cheaper than Dropbox but I’ve read about their low speed and other issues.

Yes by years, yes I’ve also heard about speed problems so I don’t really know what to turn to either…

Im sharing my library to my friends but I think I can’t afford that amount. With GD unlimited I was paying around $260 per year. I only used it for one year because I didn’t knew about it and was using MEGA

Btw: you have to ask everything to get more space right?

Hey folks, I moved your discussion to a new thread so it’s not detracting from the suggestion and it can get more input from others about a variety of cloud services. :wink:

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Yes, but I think Google drive is unlimited in Close, right? Yes in fact I contact the support and it adds what I need in storage it’s very simple once again as I said dropbox is very good, it’s simply the price lol. Are you at mega now? How does it work because I didn’t find an unlimited subscription?

With rclone it is possible to connect 2 clouds to make a transfer?

I think someone in another thread about cloud services mentioned what I think we’re going to see soon. With the “unlimited” storage going away we’re going to see a cascading decrease at all cloud services of free space. When you have one of the big boys cutting it, all the petabytes of files being moved will force the others to rethink what they can “give away” for space.

I think we’ll see costs increase and space become more expensive.

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seriously ? what are the alternatives to store almost 300 to? if he removes the unlimited

I’m afraid it’s going to be pay for the cloud service or build your own local server.

I had inquired about a local server, but unfortunately it costs a fortune compared to an unlimited cloud…

Exactly, and the storage space isn’t free for a cloud service they have to buy the drives many times over to give “free” space. They’re seeing now that it is losing them money now and are going to correct that by eliminating unlimited free and charging more realistic fees to support their user base.

I didn’t expect to learn that lol, well I’ll have to find an alternative quickly in case…

770 Euros a year could build and maintain a pretty decent expandable local NAS I would think.


it’s a disaster ?

because I looked to install one or more nas nas with a large storage capacity it takes at least 5000 €

Nope. A year ago I moved from Mega to GD because megs had unlimited but changed it to storage used. You can have 300TB in mega but you will pay for that space.

okay, I understand, I find no discussion on the internet that talks about the end of the unlimited on the cloud, weird

Be aware guys.

Dropbox is viable. However a leaked source (if you believe in such things) is suggesting that DropBox is becoming increasingly alarmed by the sudden influx of users to their “unlimited plans” and will be discussed internally.

Personally I really would NOT be signing up on an annual plan right now.

Take it as you will.