Cloud limitations for streaming.

I’ve been busy uploading video files to Amazon Cloud Drive but have just noticed this:

Videos less than 20 minutes in length and smaller than 2 GB in size can be streamed through the Amazon Drive website and mobile applications. Amazon Drive streaming is not available for videos longer than 20 minutes or larger than 2 GB, but these can be stored in Amazon Drive for you to download and watch offline.

Is this the same with other cloud storage? If so, what is the point of connecting Infuse to a cloud account. I know Infuse doesn’t currently support Amazon but I didn’t wish to start uploading to a service which has a cap of 1 TB as I’ve got about 2 and growing. I’m now also curious as to how Plex is developing a cloud service based on Amazon Cloud Drive?

I have mine linked with Google Drive and have had no problems streaming movies in excess of 1 hr 45 minutes . I haven’t ripped anything with longer run time yet.

I’ve since discovered that it depends on the API. So, though Amazon may impose these restrictions on an end user, they can allow it for developers to do what they need to with it. Having said that, I’ve also tested playing a film larger than 2GB and managed to play it beyond 20 mins from their iOS app. Therefore I’m hopeful.

But Plex are encountering problems and people on their forums are saying it has been withdrawn from beta development. That could be to do with their transcoding on the fly though.

I just jumped over there. I guess it’s officially dead. For a product I never heard anyone bash, it was weird to see all negative comments. Their loss, I’m loving Infuse for my needs. Saturday morning cartoons wherever I go ?