Cloud drive access for media server?

Hola a-Tv Flashers !!

I have a a-tv for my AppleTV2.  Love it.  Works great. 


Is there a way to point the shared media to an online cloud drive like Bitcasa or Google Drive?
I would love to not have to have a computer running or NAS running.


Thanks ! 


Even if it were possible, I would be surprised if performance was sufficient to stream most media types.
In addition most people have limited space ob cloud storage, and this would be rapidly consumed if it was used for media so any such capability would have limited appeal.

OK cool.  I mean, people do and will want this.  It is the future once bandwidth gets fast enough and storage limits are not an issue.  The future is not here yet I guess.  A NAS will do for now.  But it’s coming.