Cloud backup? what is backuped and where and how?



its hard to find any specific information about your fine feature “cloud backup”.


or, maybe, i’m just did’nt find it yet?


would you please answer my following questions?


what exactly is backuped (what files/folders)


where is it backuped?


is encryption used? (while transfering the data while storing the data. what encryption is used? who has the keys?)


can files/folders be excluded from the backup?


i just wonder, because if the whole xbmc folders would be backuped, my passwords (for configurated ftp servers / nas / webdav /samba) would also be in the cloud. and that is something i really don’t like to be happen if i don’t know about it.


thanks in advance for going through the single questions,


is there anybody out there who can answer my questions?

preferably somebody of the staff.

or, if i missed some importent links, i should have read, please point me to them, because i didnt find anything.


Hi all,

let me sumarize what i’ve got from the support crew/firecore team writing an inquiry:



cloud backups will save the contents of the /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences folder, but will exclude any files that start with ‘



we do use Amazon S3 for cloud storage, and no one outside of FireCore has access to the keys with which these files can be accessed.

More details on the security of Amazon S3 can be found here.











Good to know,

but for me,

thats a pitty, because  (4) means, i cannot use this actual useful feature, because XBMC stores my passwords in plaintext and those are then submitted to the cloud.

Just to name two files, which would be backuped:




Maybe -in a future- Version, this Cloud-Backup feature could be more userfriendly by let the user define some paths/files which are excluded from the backup?

Wildcard support would also be a good thing.

And, of course, a popup where the user can see all the files which will be backuped and then decide to bakup or cancel.


just for the security minded users…



Is it or will it be possible to backup to my own nas via this function now or in the future - so basically you have the option to use the cloud or setup path to local NAS etc…

Yes, this may be added in a future version.

As I’ve yet been able to do a full backup successfully, and my /private/var/mobile/Library/preferences is running about 92MB - surely a shock to the system - having a local backup would be a good thing indeed…

EDIT - 3 tries tonight, over roughly an hour = no successful full backups. Each time the aTV rebooted itself at the end.

+1 on a local backup setting. I believe mine is already to large. I just get a reboot when I try.

I guess, that the ATV2 is running out of RAM… (you should sent a report/inquiry to the staff with a report -=>

…maybe because you have just too many files (i made a sugestion above, where the user could/should select things he want to backup and not want to backup)

you may, if you fine with basic console commands and know how to login to your ATV2, check the avg. size of the final backup:

AppleTV:~ root# du -sh /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences

mine would be 1.8G (mainly because of the Thumbnails folder in XBMC and because of my comple backup with cp -Ra XBMC XBMC.bkup)

that “could” be the amount which will be backup’d to the cloud and causes the low memory issue. but unless someone from the staff will confirm that, its just a wild guess. (from the above points 1+4)

if you just type

du -h /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences

you will see each and every folder and its size, but that could be a long list…



AppleTV:~ root# du -sh /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences

mine would be 1.8G (mainly because of the Thumbnails folder in XBMC and because of my comple backup with cp -Ra XBMC XBMC.bkup)

I did a check of mine and it’s (only) 113Mb, only 10mb of that XMBC - I don’t use that anymore. Still it’s just but that’s still a lot to move through to the cloud, so I have hopes for local backup option that doesn’t require a shell. (of course I can use terminal, but I’ve bought 4 of these this last christmas: for Mom, Dad, girlfriend, girlfriend’s sister…I don’t want to be tech support all over the world!)

can i use the backup to save my xbmc settings and video database and restore them after updating atv to 4.4.4 ?!

Any news on an update to the backup module to allow for local backups?  James?

James any word on if/when this feature will be added?

James/Mat any word on if/when this feature will be added?

I guess no one is monitoring this post…  too bad.

I followed advice to perform backup before using seasonpass and atvflash V2.2 today and did a backup but it will not restore it. aTV just reboots.

No ETA right now. Sorry.

Are you doing a ‘Normal’ or ‘Full’ backup? Unless you have a specific reason to use the Full option, I’d recommend using the Normal backup setting.