Cloud backup problem



When i try to backup my third party softwares via cloud backup. the atv2 reboot. I think it’s cause by the amount of metadata of my XBMC folder. The first backup was ok but the next whith all metadata fetched cause crash.



Which version of AppleTV software are you running?

I have 4.3 (2557)
I already test with 4.2.1 with the same issue.

Do you know the size of your XBMC folder? We’ve tested some pretty big backups, so I don’t think the size should be an issue.

A bug report would help in tracking down what’s happening.

The Size of my /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/XBMC is 52M is that enough for you ? i’m submiting a bug.

ticket opened.

I am also having the same issue. When saving (first) backup, I get the pinwheel for about 2 min then it reboots. Upon re-entering backup section to see if it saved, it reboots again after a few seconds and there is no backup listed.

I, too, am having the same problem of atv2 rebooting everything I attemp a backup.  I’ve been trying at least twice daily since release of beta 7, but have not achieved a successful backup.  I’m using ATV 4.3

To those having trouble, how reliable/fast is your internet connection?

There have been a few logs we’ve seen come through where the network is dropping out during the upload which results in a crash.

It's definitely not an internet connection problem. I'm not experiencing a problem when streaming from iTunes, Netflix, etc.  Besides, my cable TV (U-verse) is delivered via an internet connection and I haven't experienced problems watching TV.  

I've been having a backup problem every since I installed beta 7 release.  I've tried the cloud back up at least twice everyday since and have the same problem each time.  It's highly unlikely that I would have problem only at the times I try to backup.

Ok - if you haven’t already please send in a bug report so we can get a bit more info as to what may be causing the problem.

I’ve just submitted a bug report.

Thanks for the awesome job you’re doing with Media player and other new features like the backup to cloud.  I’m looking forward to the improvements you’re working on.


Can confirm exact same issue for me.

Latest Apple firmware. Jail broken with Seasonpass. 

Attempts to back up start but then end with “Running out of memory” error. Then reboot.

Will submit bug report if I can pull all the bits together.





Just did the latest Maint update.

Backup issues resolved. Well done!