Closed: Impossible to retrieve infuse pro 6 on my iphone


I have purchased yesterday the standalone version of infuse pro 6 on my iPad, by using a bundle (infuse pro 5 and 6) on the App Store. The app is installed on my iPad, synced on my Apple TV but I cant’ Find it on my iPhone! On The app store I can see that I have purchased the bundle, but if I want to get the pro 6 iPhone version I have tu purchase it again… do you know where the problem is?

Hi Arnal,

I have exactly the same problem. The “bundle” Infuse Pro 6 app automatically installs on all my iPads and Apple TVs, but not on my iPhone. If I go to the app store on my iPhone and look at the bundle it says “Purchased”, with NO way to download!

Same, just that i bought on my iPhone and can’t install on my iPad

I just had a call with apple, they don’t see where the problem is. I’m on IOS beta 12.3 so they suppose it could come from it, but my iPad is also on 12.3 and that works perfectly. To me the problem is more due to this « bundle » fact. My invoice number is not recognised on the apple website!

Finally, for no specific reason, the iPhone app just have been synced on my account. That’s fine!


Be patient! ?

Sometimes restarting your device can help force things to update.

Also, there’s a good chance that tapping the ‘purchase’ option for Infuse Pro 6 will simply present you with a dialogue saying you already purchased the app, and it will be downloaded for free. It’s not possible to purchase the same app twice under the same Apple ID.

I’m having the same issue. iOS 12.2, restarted several times, works fine on iPad and ATV. Tapping “Purchase” makes it appear that I’m about to be charged $24.99, so I don’t go through with it.

Similar situation here getting Infuse Pro 6 on multiple iOS devices. I am an Infuse 5 Pro owner who purchased the Infuse Pro 6 upgrade on my iPhone. The Infuse Pro 6 downloaded on my phone and became available on my AppleTVs as expected. I had no problems getting Pro 6 on all of my AppleTVs.

However, when I go to my iPad I do not see a way to download Infuse Pro 6 without paying for it. When I search for Infuse in the App Store I see the bundle and it is flagged as purchased but I do not have the option to download it without paying. When I look at the purchased Apps under my Apple ID I see Infuse 4 Pro and Infuse 5 Pro but no Infuse 6 Pro. Infuse 6 Pro is not listed in the purchased app list on the iPhone I used for the original bundle purchase either.

All iOS devises are on 12.2 and have been rebooted. Hope the detail helps.

Here’s a workaround which has been confirmed by a few people so far.

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