closed captions

I 've searched on posts about closed captions and found not so much so…

I  use Handbrake to rip dvds to mp4.  With the subtitle options  i select Closed Captions if available.  The Handbrake wiki ( ) says that CC’s are passed thru to the output file (in mp4’s they will appear as subtitles).  When i open the finished file in either QuickTime or VLC the subtitles do appear properly (when, of course, the subtitle track is selected).  In Media Player I show 2 subtitle options in the subtitle tab: one is (eng); the other is (und).  neither one, when selected, produces viewable subtitles (side note:  they don’t appear in XBMC, either).  The Apple TV pref and the Media Player settings are both enabled to show subtitles.  

Is there something I’m doing wrong (and/or fundamentally misunderstanding) or does Media Player NOT support passed-through closed captions?



Can you run one of the files through MediaInfo ( and send in the specs?


Thanks. Adding support for ‘Timed Text’ subtitles is planned and will be available soon.