Close but no cigar - why no wifi?

Hey everyone.  I've gotten through the jailbreak as well as the tethered boot, etc.  My output is 100% identical to what others have listed it should be.  Problem is that I have no connection to my network any longer.  Installing ATV Flash obviously will not work nor will any of the ATV features.  I can restore ATV to its original settings and get back on track that way but this is certainly frustrating.

Is there something I'm missing on the network connectivity issue?

Your thoughts and help are much appreciated.

it was said before in other threads.



Follow this instruction.....and everything works perfect including Network and WiFi ( still tethered) with the current iOS (shown as 4.1.1 in the apple TV)

Thanks for the direction.  I swear to my stack of doughnuts here that I searched and searched for that.  A week ago I came across that youtube tut and failed to save it.


For anyone else who ends up at this point with the same problem hit the link above and follow exactly.  Compared with directions on another site I was very close but just missed something.


Anyhow ... THANK YOU ... and my apologies for being repetitive with my posts and also question ... I wouldn't have posted it had I found it via search.  Thanks again

do you know what you missed. I followed those directions and got my wifi too. but i cant figure out what i did differently.

other than maybe the way i went into dfu mode

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still tethered


so when you put it to sleep it reboots..don't make it sleep then..