CLOSE.......but "installer could not connect to ATV"

I too got the Installation Failed message (repeatedly)--

I've been doing this whole process all night long. Spent 20 bucks on the Flash appl. I'm so tired of doing all this process al over and over..FireCore products are SHIT!..wont even bother asking for my money back

I too am having the same problem and am just as frustrated. BUT, this is a beta product and everyone knows beta products do not always work well and sometimes do not work at all.

Why not just wait until the official product comes out and then complain if it doesn't work as described?

having the same issue....


If you're still having trouble please try using the new 0.6.9 version of Seas0nPass.

This version resolves a number of issues that can occur during the jailbreak process which can prevent aTV Flash (black) from being installed.

H all, nice to see an update to seas0npass, so as its Sat again, i thought I would try again and see if I can upload ATV, nope it fails.

Now common sense dictates that I have successfully tethered booted, Ive certainly read and read the required procedure, SSH fails to so I have to conclude the following, its not jailbroken.

So yet again I repeat the process, ATV upload fails.

I would seem that some are succeeding, I wonder if this is OSX version specific, micro USB specific, my version of OSX = 10.6.6

I do agree with others that this is a Beta so those of us who are struggling, some of us skilled, may be better to delay until final release and then complain.

Im going to hold on, PLEX or XMBC working on apple tv 2 are ideal, so fingers crossed, and firecore update your instructions please. 

The new update of season pass fixed it bro

Are you re-jailbreaking with 0.6.9, or just doing the tethered boot? A re-jailbreak will be required to take advantage of the improvements in 0.6.9.

Also, a quick way to test if the jailbreak was successful is to connect via SFTP or SSH as seen here:

Have  re-jailbreaked with 0.6.9 and then tethered boot. Install of aTV Flash (Black) fails wtíth the error "Sorry, the installer could not connect to your AppleTV." . Can not connect via SFTP or SSH either.

I did it 5 times. Maybe it isn`t jailbreaked. Is it possible to tethere boot with out jailbreaked it?

Please ensure you're using the latest 0.6.9 (36). You can check the version through the 'About' menu in Seas0nPass.

If you're still having trouble please submit your debug log as described here:

Message: Sorry, the installer could not connect to your AppleTV


Having the same problem