clone usb hd won't startup


I cloned my powered usb hd to a usb powered hd but it will not seen on my appltv :frowning:

I cloned it with apple’s diskutil option source → destination.

What did i wrong?


Are you using the drive as primary (iTunes syncing) or secondary storage?

 the usb hd used for primary.

The new usb (usb powered) will also use in primary storage.

I thougt when i make a cone from the hd and connect the new one it will work, but the appletv will not startup or hang.

The cleanest way to replace the hard drive would be to:

1. Switch back to internal storage (Maintenance --> Settings)

2. Connect new drive.

3. Switch to external storage.


The only downside to this method is it will require a resync with iTunes.

 Thank you very mutch