Clone Jailbroken Apple TV 2 Firmware to another Apple TV 2

Hi all,


I would like to know if it is possible to copy a jaibroken Apple TV 2 on another Apple TV 2. I have a Apple TV with 5.2 IOS 6.1 10B144b untethered and other installation with a 5.3 (IOS 6.1.4 10B809). I have saved the shsh and now I would like to have all my Apple TV2 on an untethered Firmware.

Is it possible to do that and if yes how do I proceed?


I tried with saved shsh to restore this firmware from one Apple TV 2 to another without luck… I searched in the net and did not find any response to my question.I am usually not bad with hacking around but nothing did work till now…

Any “Genius Bar” guy around to help me?



Thanks in advance for your help.



I would like to thanks FireCore for their great work.

Others have asked the same question but the answer remains the same, unfortunately:


Hi MaxiWagner,

Tank you for your answer… I suspected it but I anyway was hopping.