Click to untether?

With rejailbreaking my ATV2 this weekend, i noticed there is now a “click to untether” option (or something along those lines). In attempting to research what this is, it quickly escalated into people complaining about ATV3 jailbreaking. Could someone, in simple terms, explain the benefit of untethering? do i really NEED to do this? Thanks in advance.

If you’re seeing this option it means you’re running a tethered jailbreak, and installing the ‘Click to Untether’ option will remove the tether requirement making things a lot more user friendly.

Installing Click to Untether is recommended for all users.

I gathered that part, but at what point will i be jailbreaking untethered if it is already jailbroken? There is likely a big step / functionality that I am missing here. Isn’t jailbreaking a “once and done” thing or do i have to continually jailbreak?

For a period of time, only a tethered jailbreak was available.

It sounds like you may have found an older version of Seas0nPass that installs this tethered version, instead of the untethered version that latest Seas0nPass installs.

Installing the Click to Untether option will allow you to migrate from tethered to untethered without having to re-jailbreak.

Actually, on my ATV I have that “click to untether” option too even though I know it’s already untethered… I just ignore it.

He can check if it’s untethered by unplugging it from power and re plugging it, if it boots to the main screen it’s untethered. If it doesn’t boot, he just has to run the tethered part of seasonpass, re-tether it then click that button. I don’t know what happens if it’s untethered and that button is clicked, and I am not going to risk it.