Clearing Metadata

I’m using ATV Flash v3.5.2 and I can’t seem to be able to effectively clear metadata from a movie file. For example, I had a movie file that I used “Import All Data” to attach IMDB metadata to. I realized that I picked the wrong info and wanted to clear it and select the right one. Sapphire seemed to clear it, but when I used “Import All Data” again, it stopped on the movie file for a second, but would not give me the dialog for picking the metadata. It finished updating the file on it’s own and basically applied the same wrong metadata that I tried to clear. Any idea of how to really clear and reapply metadata for a movie file?

This is what you should try. Open up Fugu or CyberDuck on the Mac or WinSCP on Windows and connect to your Apple TV. Then open up the Library folder and then the Application Support folder. Inside there you will see a Sapphire folder. Rename that folder to Sapphire1 or something else and then restart your Apple TV. After that all past imports should be gone from Sapphire. Let me know if that works or not.

I guess I could try that, but then I would have to go through the process of picking metadata for all of the movies as if I was doing a “from scratch” ATV update. Since I have a USB hard drive attached as primary storage, that’s about 95 movies. If there’s not another way, I guess that’s what I’ll have to do. Is there no way to open the metadata file in the Sapphire folder and just delete the info you want?

There is a few plist files in there. You can transfer those to your computer, open those up with a text editor and delete the unwanted data, and then upload them back to the Apple TV. Just be sure to get rid of all the text for that movie. Take a look at the repetitive text and see where you need to start and end the deletion. All else fails if you want to rename the original file on the Apple TV to keep a backup before changing it, you can. That way if the edited file doesn’t work you can always go back.