Clear "Up Next List" ?


Is there a way to clear the “Up Next List” so it will generate new movie thumbs / links ?
I know I can disable it in the menu. But I couldn’t find a method to clear the list.



Are you hoping to remove in-progress items, or recently added?

In-progress items can be removed by watching them, or using the ‘mark as watched’ option to manually mark them as watched.

We are planning to look into options for user-created watch lists in the future.

My question is about this as well.
I have finished watching something, and everything of the tv show is marked as watched.
But still it stays in my ‘Up next’ list. Is this a bug?

In the main menu the top bar, there are movie titles visible. It looks like this a list of recently added titles.
This menu bar I would like to edit or hide titles etc…

We’re currently looking into a few cases where this can happen, and hope to have a few improvements available in the next update.

You won’t be able to hide specific items, but you can hide all Recently Added items from the Up Next list. This can be done by adjusting the Up Next list setting found in Settings > General. An option to show/hide the Recently Added list on the main library screen will be available soon.

Thanks. Looking forward to the update in that case!

Thank you for your answer again.
On top of this. Currently I have 2 folders

  1. Kids ( cartoons etc… )
  2. Movies ( action, horror, thriller etc…)

If I password protect Movies, will they be visible in the recently added list as well ?

Password protecting a folder won’t exclude those items from the Library, but you can adjust which favorites and lists appear on the homepage by following these steps.