Clear restore path...

Greetings - I have purchase the aTV and created my flash stick, however, I can’t seem to find information about restoring the Apple TV should I run into a problem. Is there a clear path to “restoring” the Apple TV to its factory settings if need be? I’m sure this topic has been addressed, I’m just having trouble locating it.



If your AppleTV can boot into its interface then you can just go to Settings > Genreal > Reset Settings > Factory Restore. If you can not get into the interface of AppleTV, then you can hold the Menu and — keys on the Apple Remote for 5-10 seconds and it will reboot the AppleTV and after a minute or two you should see a screen where you can to a Restore, run diagnostics, or simply Restart. Those are the only methods I know of to Restore an AppleTV.

Awesome! Thanks for the info - off I go to install aTV!!!