Clear recently watched disappeared in 1.3


No more option to clear recently watched in 1.3
8 options in general settings but no more clear.
Is it because it is localised in French ?

Thanks in advance

It is there are I have cleared mine.

Cant remember the exact details but something like, Media, Settings, Reset, Clear Recently Watched.



I only have 2 choices in MEDIA/SETTINGS/GENERAL/RESET :

  1. reset read status

  2. reset metadata

Nothing about clear recently watched.

Is it specific to 1.3 or 1.3 in french




This may be just a translation issue as on my English version the Reset menu has 2 options:

Clear Recently Watched
Clear All Metadata

So I think it is the 1st option that you want.

Yes !!!

It works with the first option of 

Media / Settings /Reset

Clearly a problem in translation.


Thank you very much.


Hmm, sorry about that. Growing pains with localization I guess.

Would something like ‘Suppression récemment vu’ be a bit more accurate?


I think that “Suppression recemment vus” is not so bad.
May I suggest that :
reinitialiser is better than redemarrer for the reset section of settings

Hope this helps

Thank you

Here’s the latest revision we’ve just gotten from one of our awesome translators.

  • Reset - Réinitialiser
  • Clear Recently Watched - Effacer vus récemment 
  • Clear All Metadata - Effacer toutes les métadonnées

Nice, very clear…

Thank you,