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I’m trying to optimize my iPad’s hard drive space. After lots of tweeking and editing I’ve finally got Infuse displaying all my videos poster and meta just as I want it (on iOS and tvOS) The iOS app Settings shows 510 MB of metadata. What could happen if I press Clear All Metadata? Will I have a mess? Free up space?

Selecting the clear all metadata option will cause Infuse to empty its metadata cache, and refetch info for all your files.

It’s not recommended to use unless you are having trouble with a large portion of the metadata for your files.

Thanks. I understand. According to my iPad settings infuse is about 571mb. Is that normal? It happens to be my largest app.

To clarify that file size is without any downloaded video.

It will depend on the size of your library, as each video can have 2-3 images, plus some metadata. For large libraries this can add up quickly.

The new library functionality has inspired me to adjust my filenames to make the most of it. But I’ve watched my metadata size balloon to over 8Gb on my iPad.
I’ve got a collection of about 13,000 files. ~600 movies, ~5,000 episodes, and the rest are various home movies and DVD extras that should have very limited metadata. No files are downloaded.

  1. Is that size possible?
  2. This same content has only 4Gb metadata on my iPhone. Does it make any sense that the metadata size is so different on different devices?
  3. Any tips for trimming things down? If I clear it and reload, is it likely to be any less?

13,000 files is a fair amount, so in this case 8GB doesn’t seem too crazy. To put it in perspective, that’s an average of ~615Kb per video. Even videos that won’t have metadata matches will have a thumbnail generated for them, so every file will add something to the total count. The images would be a bit smaller on the iPhone, so that could be the reason for the size difference.

One thing we are looking into for a future version is a way to slim this down a bit, especially for large libraries of home videos where generated thumbnails are sometimes less than useful. This may mean a setting to disable thumbnail generation altogether, and only show artwork for items that have been matched with online databases.

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Regarding your answer James (an average of 615kb/file), this means that with my current library of 584 files (movies and tv shows) my metadata size should be around 360MB (let say 400)

When I look into Infuse ->settings → Metadata, I end up with 1GB (so more than x2 over the expected amount)

I am on iPad with Infuse Pro 5.5.5
I also have an aTV4K with Infuse Pro 5.5.5
Trakt & iCloud synchronisation are enabled

Any reason my metadata are far away from the expected size ?

Reached 2GB right now !

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