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Long time ago Infuse had this nice and clean first page, that had only row of favorites on the bottom of the ATV screen and gear icon in top right corner. Then come an update, that made it fancy, it showed new files, suggestions to watch and lots of other junk that just clutters screen and is in a way. I do understand, that for someone that might be relevant, but I would really like to have a toggle, to get rid of everything and see only my added folders and nothing else, like in good all days.


You asked for it, ya got it.

Settings > Up Next List > Off

If you have any rows below your added shares just navigate to the corresponding Library folder and long press and turn them off there.

For example to get rid of the list of “Top Rated” movies

Library > Movies > By Rating > Long press on “Top 30” and select either “Remove Favorite” or “Remove List”

Presto! Nothing but the Infuse logo and your list of favorites.

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It even works, then again, why this days all features come in a way of “You get this you want it or not, if you don’t, here is a long manual how to get rid of all that” :frowning: Why that can’t come as some big toggle that is asked before applying, do I want all that or not.

With all that changes I would rather prefer to have option when I long press on folder inside shared folder, where now I get “Use Metadata” and “Cancel”, to get third option “Add to favorites”, that would add that folder to title screen favorite list.

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