Classify specials in seasons

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First of all: Unfortunately, my English is very poor, please excuse me!

I’ve got a Question about the depiction of Special Episodes: I’ve migrated my Movies and TV-Shows from Kodi to Infuse and all is working fine. Just one thing is missing:

I’ve got some TV-Shows (Doctor Who (2005) for example) with many Specials, which are part of the ongoing storyline of the series. They are shown in a Spacials-Folder. In Kodi it was possible to hide this folder. Kodi hat die Specials dann in die entsprechenden Staffeln platziert. This worked by sort by show date.

Is this possible with Infuse, too? Maybe I just didn’t find this setting?!

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Specials are considered Season 0. If you use the naming convention for regular episodes then infuse will group all specials together in its own season.


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If you’re looking to exclude the folder there’s a users guide here that explains how to do this.

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Yes. I named Specials (for example: Doctor Who (2005) S00E02) in this way. And so I habe Folders for Seasons 1 to 12 an a Specials-Folder.
But: Can Infuse show the File “Doctor Who (2005) S00E02” only in this way? Or is it possible to show it in the Folder of Season 1? That is the DVD Order on the Movie Database?

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No, I don’t want to exclude this Folder. I’d like to have the Specials shown in the Seasons, following the DVD Order on the Movie Database.

If I watch a complete show with 12 seasons and many specials (for expample Doctor Who) I always habe to switch for a spacial to the “Specials”-Folder. I would be great to get the special shown as the last episode in associated season.

There is no way at the moment to have specials inline with other episodes. You would have to create a playlist to do this

Don’t forget to add your support by liking the first post in this suggestion thread to have Infuse be able to follow the DVD order.

Thanks for your Replys.
In Kodi it was possible to chosse absolute order or dvd order… for every folder. That was great, so everything was shown perfect.

I think I have to wait and accept the current state :wink:

Maybe the order can be changed in the future… who know’s…

Thanks and greetings

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