Classify personnal movies


I’m having a classification issue in Infuse.

I would like to add personal movies, but they don’t appear in the “movie” category, but in “Others”

What I would like is to be able to edit the metadata like a movie video. But force it to appear in other.

Do you have a solution ?

thank you very much

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It’s a shame that you don’t have a solution to this problem.

I’m going to stop my subscription and that of my family to switch to Plex.


You want your personal movies to show up in all movies instead of other or the other way around? You can add your own metadata to your personal movies and put in a separate folder and select use local metadata setting on that folder

Hello munpip214,

I would like to add home videos, be able to edit metadata like a movie, but they don’t appear in the Movie category, only in the Other Videos category.

If I create a directory, they will still go to the “Movie” tab

Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately they will not show up in the movies category unless they can match to a real title in TMDb. Since they are personal they will stay in other. But you can pin the folder to your Home Screen for quick access.

Here’s some info on how to create supporting metadata.

So what is it your trying to do?

  1. Have a home movie that has custom metadata and artwork and have it fall under a “Home Movies” genre under movies in the Library?


  1. Do you want your home movies with custom metadata and artwork but to NOT be in the movies category and to be listed in Others?

The first is very easy to do. The second, not so easy to do if at all.

Good evening,

This is the second solution.
I would like my personal films to appear in “Others”
I use the “movie” tag with the “Tinymediamanager” software

Have you tried changing the Movie tag to blank?

The idea was very good, I just tested, unfortunately it does not work.

The best option for grouping home videos into the Movies section of the Library is to use XML files. This will allow you to set your own details for the videos, and ensure they appear in the Movies section. You can also give them custom genres, which can make browsing easier.

Alternatively, if you didn’t want these to appear in the Movies section, you can set a folder to use Local Metadata. Doing this will prevent Infuse from trying to match these videos with titles on TMDB, and simply use the embedded info.

More info on the options for this can be found here.

Hello James,

Thank you for your reply.

On the contrary, I would like them to appear in the “Other” section
I don’t want them to be mixed with the “Movie” section

Sorry for my English, I’m French ^^

Can you explain why you want your home movies to appear in “Others”?

If you’re trying to sort them out then you can have a special section for home movies by creating a custom genre with an xml file and then attach that custom genre to a favorite on the home screen so all of your home movies are under a single favorite.

Have you tried setting the folder to Local as suggested by James above?

Sorry if I’m expressing myself badly.

I want to be able to put “Home Videos” they are not movies. In the “Other” category

But to be able to edit them like movies, with descriptions, change the title of the videos without modifying the file name.

If I use an NFO or XML file to modify the personal information of my videos, they will appear in the movies

The question is why do they have to be in “Others”? Are you just trying to group them where they are all together in one favorite without other regular movies?

Because I want that on one side there are my “Blue-ray Films” in “Film”. and on the other side, there are my “Personal videos of my family” in “Others”

I don’t want my family videos to be mixed with the “Movie” category

Then did you try what James recommended with setting that folder to local?

I think we understand you want them separate but what if you just made a favorite for that folder of home videos and excluded it from your library. Then the items wouldn’t show up with your other movies. But you could pin that folder to your Home Screen to easily access it.

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That’s what I was looking to do :slight_smile:
Sorry, I had a hard time understanding, I didn’t know it let show the videos, if I disabled in the Library :slight_smile:

On MAC, it is not possible to pin a favorite Folder in the home tab? It only appears in the “Files” tab

Thank you so much for your help everyone, I tried Plex, but undeniably, Infuse is a gem!

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Good time of day.
I can 't get an answer and understanding in any way - is it possible or not at all ?
I use Infuse Pro / PLex Media Server.
Everything suits everything very well, with movies and TV shows (TV shows) I have a problem with home video that is uploaded to (other).
All home videos are scattered by date, by name, but not by catologist, if this feature were added, it would be very cool and you can already forget Plex as a player.
This is what Plex looks like and it’s cool, I want INFUSE to have such an opportunity.
When there are a lot of videos that are spread across event folders, it is not very convenient to view in a common array as in Infuse
Home video examples (other): a movie or a catalog is a choice it’s great

Uploading: 2.png…

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