Classic View UI Change

Its a very minor thing, but I would honestly prefer (in the Classic View) if the cast and crew were at the top of the page, under the details, so I wouldn’t have to constantly scroll down to see them. Also (in the same view), it would be easier for me if I could click the films, rather than hover over them to see the details, as I am constantly accidentally starting films when all I wanted was to see the cast and description.

Small things, I know, but things that would make my experience a lot better.

edit 1: the more I think about it, the more I’d kill for a complete Classic View overhaul that merges Modern and Classic view into one perfect UI… more of a bigger thing now but I think it would be sweet. I’ll start work on a concept piece to show what I mean.

edit 2: something like this.

There’s a thread in the lounge that is discussing a complete overhaul of the UI. If you’d like to add a complete overhaul feel free to add it there.

The suggestion forum is for a specific change or fix like what you’ve already detailed.

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Okay, thanks!