Cineplex Digital Movies

With a couple movies we went to see recently we purchased the Cineplex Supertickets which included digital copies of the movies. I’m not finding that the way they want you to view is via their app and it isn’t available on Apple TV. Is there a way to get Infuse to access these files from the cineplex site/app?

I took a look at the movies and they appear to be protected with DRM. The only way I can see to watch them is with airplay. Alternately they have apps for LG and Samsung TVs

On their website it says “At this time due to licensing restrictions, we do not support Airplay/Mirroring with your Apple Device. This includes using an external cable from your Apple device to another display.” So Airplay won’t work either.

I guess if you own the movie there isn’t anything wrong with also owning a drm free version obtained through alternate means.

Thanks guys! sucks that when you pay for movies you can’t use them the way you want but I guess I don’t feel too bad removing DRM on movies I own to be able to watch them the way I want. Note to self, no more Ciniplex digital files