Will you guys be thinking of porting you great software over to this new dongle?

Since the early reports suggest this can only play web based content it does not seem to be relevant. I believe most inFuse users are interested in playing local content.

That is without considering how programable (if at all) the Chromecast dongle will prove to be.

Found some specs on it looks like if its left open to devs it could get software on it.

 As for additional Chromecast specs, the device sports Micron D9PXV 4 Gb DDR3-1600 RAM and 4 GB of Micron flash memory (29F16G08MAA). The device also supposedly uses a simplified version of Chrome OS instead of Android to better handle media tuned in from a Chrome browser on a desktop or laptop. Chrome‚Äôs browser extension for the gadget, which will essentially let users play any Flash-based video on Chromecast, can be installed here.

Ye ask and ye shall receive. I bet the codecs are there and SMB NAS services can be setup to stream to the dongle.

We have our ATV2 successor methinks.

Apparently chrome is just a brand. It is android all the way. A vestige of google TV that went nowhere. Google has been reading these forums and understand what people want is access to content available on computers streaming to the device. Unlike apple I think they are happy to open a new audience and let TV manufacturers integrate the tech into future smart TVs locking them down as necessary. For now there are plenty of surfaces to add more code to the 2gb of flash available.