Chromecast Ultra

Just wondering if anyone is using the Chromecast Ultra streaming device with Infuse? And if so, how does it perform assuming a good wi-fi connection.

I currently use an Apple TV, but was thinking of buying a chromecast as a secondary device in a bedroom, just purely to connect ipad or iphone to it to stream a movie to the tv.

I use the plain old chromecast “1” with a good wifi connection (setting aside that the 1st chromecast is only 2.4g capable), when I watch movies I got this bug that I have to let the movie play a few seconds on iphone first than i hit the cast button and it plays, for tv series it works just great. I can tell that i´ve tested almost every other app out there (all cast, local cast, player extreme) and infuse is far the best.

Thanks for your feedback… much appreciated
Hope to hear from others too!