Chromecast not working


I am a satisfied user of Infuse and you guys have made my video experience really good :slight_smile: I just love the app on my Apple TV!

Since my parents etc. All have an Android I bought them a Chromecast Ultra on LAN connection, knowing that Infuse supports Chromecast casting.

It has been a dreadful experience really… 4K I just cannot seem to cast without constant buffering in the app and crashes. Even 720p anime just freezes most of the times and I need to resort to Kodi :confused: It always stops around 3 minutes, Netflix casting etc. Works fine really whatever I throw at it

Is there someting I am doing wrong (Jeah, didn’t but them an Apple TV I guess lol) or do you guys have any tips or tricks for me to fix it maybe?

Nobody? :confused:

New update downloaded still not working… Just cuts out :frowning:

I give up… Tried everything but seems no one knows here also