ChromeCast freezing with 1080 files from infuse 5.5.2


After a lot of looking around for why my MP4’s do not play on my configuration (iPhone/iPad from External HD on Airport streaming to Chromecast 1080, v2). It works perfectly on Plex, so never understood why it would not work on infuse.

Just now realized, while streaming an MKV file with which never had a problem, it now freezes a lot. (Before, just ocasional freezes, but minor), The only difference this time is that the MKV file is 1080. All the other before were 720.

So, I believe that the problem is in the chromecast not being able to stream properly 1080 content that comes from Infuse. Maybe a codec problem, no clue here.

Maybe someone here can share a light on the issue??

Thank you!

Whens streaming to Chromecast Infuse will always stream a video in its full original quality. This differs from server based apps like Plex which have the ability to downsample and reduce video quality on the fly.

If it’s working with 720p, it’s very possible these particular 1080p files are just too much for the v2 Chromecast to handle. The newer Chromecast Ultra models pack a bit more punch and can handle much higher quality videos.

An would there be a way to down the quality like in plex? It could be a good workaround and solve many problems.

Possibly at some point in the future, but we don’t have any kind of ETA right now.

Well that’s bummer. Almost all my content is 1080, movies and a few tv shows. Purchasing a ultra chromecast is way to xpensive, would better off buy an Apple TV 3 that could do the job. But is overkill since Apple TV in chile is limited to just Netflix or YouTube. Thought infuse would be the solution for not haven’t to use plex server on my wife’s computer. Really hope you can come up with a solution for these issues. It shows so much promise nd great customer service.


Speaking of the newer Chromecast 2 Ultra (and other devices that are supposed to be compatible - like the nVidia Shield)
Unlike when it was originally released, the Ultra now supports files using HEVC, as well as 1080P@60fps, higher bitrates, encoding Levels, other enhancements etc…

Does this mean x265/h.265 [HEVC] files will google-cast from infuse on my iPhone or iPad mini if I replace my chromecast 2 with an ultra?
Or does infuse need to be updated to recognize the file types are now google-cast supported with those specific devices in order for it to work?

(in which case, has it been upgraded?) Because at the current time if I try to cast a HEVC file it says that it’s unavailable.There are many different devices out which are supposed to be compatible and detected with any apps that support the chromecast. do they report their compatibility? Would I be better off with a nVidia Shield Pro which has better hardware, supports HEVC but also .avi files and other older formats besides the new ones which should allow me to cast just about anything?

I can’t afford $65 just to test it, but considering the age of my devices I might want to get an ATV 4k since is should support just about everything with software decoding, as problems with some files and google’s hardware decoder has been the biggest problem with “supported” file types.

Infuse will need an update in order to support HEVC streaming to Chromecast.

Since in pre-iOS 11 most of these videos weren’t playable on iOS devices, it didn’t make much sense in trying to enabling streaming. Now that the first problem has been solved, we’ll be looking into the second part. Stay tuned. :wink:

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The app is very cool, but it’s these things that have made it for me imposible to use. I’ve since then went back to plex.

Hope in the roadmap you will be able to fix the issue of adapting the format or resolution for the streaming device.

I’ll still keep in tune for new things coming. Waiting for the day to come back. :).