Chromecast - episode switching bug on Infuse 5


I found an annoying bug I think in Infuse 5, but lets set it up. I have an external HDD connected to my router which is DLNA ready. I was using Infuse 4 with one time payment. I connected my HDD to Infuse (SMB or UPNP - doesn’t matter here). I cast a TV show to my Chromecast and it works fine. When the episode ends, next one starts as expected without a hitch. The problem comes with Infuse 5 Pro. I thought its time for an update so I bought it. The problem is as follow - the same setup (HDD, router, SMB/UPNP, Chromecast) but when I cast a tv show or a movies, they play well on chromecast, but when it skips to the next episode/movie the playback switches from chromecast to my iphone, and for each episode I have to go on my phone and re-cast it to chromecast. It worked fine (and is still working fine) in Infuse 4, so why does it break in 5? Anyone has any solution to that?

Same issue with infuse 6.

If you have a chance, can you try replicating this issue then send in a report so we can look a bit further into what is going on here?