choppy video in nito tv versus files

I’m using the latest versions of apple tv firmware and nito tv and reading files from smb network share. In Nito there are intermittent pauses in the video less than a sec regardless of setting playback to quicktime mixed or mplayer. If I play the same file from the network share through the files menu it plays perfectly without pauses.Is this a bug with Nito and is there a way to fix it. In previous versions of apple tv take two and nito I didn’t have this problem, but I like the added features in the latest Nito tv version. Any ideas? Thanks

What type of files are you attempting to play? Are you on a wired or wireless network?

You may try adjusting the mplayer cache in nitoTV > Settings menu.

I’m playing avi files over g wireless network. I guess the point is that it has worked on previous versions of atv firmware and nito tv without problems and it plays on the most current firmware without skipping at all if I access the smb network share through the files menu but has occ skipping if I access the same file through nito tv.So I’m assuming that there’s something different with playing avi video through the files menu versus nito tv. the setting for mplayer cache shouldnt affect playback through quicktime, should it?. thanks Carver

It may be an issue related to the wireless network. You can try connecting through a wired network and see if that clears up the issues.

its the same with wired connection

I have the same problem using NITO TV with avi files. Files are stocked on the ATV directly. I will try to change cache settings to see. I didn’t try to watch TV shows using the files section… anyone have an idea ?

Any fix to this? I have silver apple tv, bought the latest version of atv and updated apple tv specifically to try and resolve this. It still skips.

Previously it took about half an hour to start skipping but now it’s there from the start! Every 15 sec or so.

I’m on wireless, the signal strength is full, it’s a pc network, I updated the codecs (before I updated the codecs it wouldn’t play past the first frame)

Any support staff out there have any ideas as this is why I bought atvFlash and it would be perfect if this worked.


What type of files are you playing when this issue occurs?

I have same problem - in my case it's Video TS folders on an external drive connected to the ATV via USB. Playback is so choppy I simply don't use the "feature". All video is fine when played on my computers.

PS: I sure hope there's some way to make this work. none of the other (less important features (like Flash) work for me,  but this is the main reason for using aTV flash. I'm running out of reasons for having installed this product.

Any solutions for the choppy playback? I have tried everything I can find in this forum.

I’ve also encounter this problem. I’m playing avi files off of an external drive connected to the ATV via USB. Even short shows that are about 175 megs come across as choppy. I’ve also tried it with three different drives, a Seagate (1T), Western digital (2T), and a Simple Drive (500Gig). The same problem occurred on each.

i also tried it as a mount point to the drives off an airport router. This didn’t help. Although to be honest, it didn’t hurt it either.

I have not adjusted the cache in media player. Can someone suggest what to set it to?

I have the same problem too… I am playing an mkv 720p file. Sometimes there is a bit of delay on the video. Hope you can help.