choppy/ skippy video playback

I have my ATV (with the latest version of ATV Flash) connected directly to my Mac via Ethernet. When playing AVI /DIVX Files the playback may be fine for a while and then starts to get choppy after a while. I have playback mode set to Quicktime. Anyone experiencing the same or are there other solutions instead of just restarting ATV each time this happens ?

Can you double-check the version of aTV Flash you have installed? You can view the installed version in the Maintenance > About menu.

Yes 3.6.4. is on my ATV . Also, I noticed that the skippy video is NOT related to the fact that I stream my video from my Mac either wireless or over Ethernet. Yesterday I transferred a movie directly onto the HD of Apple TV via FTP. Once again, after about 30 min the video playback becomes worse and worse in terms of a choppy /skippy look. The files I watch are the files I have always watched on ATV without a problem, but this is very very bad now. Please let me know a possible solution…

What type of files are you playing when the issue occurs? Which menu item is being used to play the files?

I have the exact same problems…and my movies are on the ATV…happens 1hr in to playing

If you view the Maintenance > Manage Plugins menu, does ‘Update’ appear next to the AirControl item? If so, select this option to download the latest version.

The current AirControl version resolves some memory management issues that were affecting some users in the previous version.

I play mostly AVI/DIVX Files. I use Nito as well as playing Movies from the “FILES” menu item. It doesnt make a difference at all. Like I said it also makes no difference if the file is stored directly on my ATV disc or streamed from my Mac.

The current AirControl version was already installed. So that wasn’t it. Generelly I do notice that my ATV is very often not very responsive to my remote control which also must be related to ATV Flash since without ATV Flash it was very quick and responsive . So please dig further. This problem is not solved…

I had the same just last week after purchasing a used AppleTv with atvFlash.

To overcome this maybe drastic for some but here is what I did…

  1. factory reset
  2. update to appletv 2.4 firmware
    3, install atvflash
  3. smart installer
    5.updated nitotv
  4. removed all software packages except nitotv
    7.Turned off airstream speakers

All then ran smoothly…


I’m going to add my voice to this problem too. AVI files are choppy after 30 minutes of playing. I tried converting them with Handbrake and it helps a bit. The choppiness isn’t as severe but it’s still there.

The above example is a little to severe to try. I did turn off the airstream speakers and it didn’t help. This also happened on the previous version of atvflash and I have the current atvflash.

I too have had terrible performance ever since I updated to 3.6.4. I had choppy video and menu would freeze constantly.
I tried all kinds of suggestions to fix this with no luck. Finally, I got fed up and restored to the old 3.6.3 flash and PRESTO!!!
Seems to be working perfectly. Luckily I had the old flash still on the usb stick, as ATV flash will not let you create an older version.
Just My 2 cents…I hope this will help others.


Just to add more info. to this also…
I bought my AppleTv as used. New to the seller in August, now with a 250gb upgrade.
The video would not play well and as described previously I reset everything back to factory setting and resinstalled atvFlash from the usb.
The atvFlash that was supplied on a usb stick is 3.6.2. not the latest. Maybe the previous owner had 3.6.4 installed, and this is why it was no good on platback;
Anyway all is really running well on this level with only nitotv installed . VoB playback is the main usage.

Also discussed in another forum on forward and backward problems… mp4 play well, with smooth forward nad backward, but forward and back buttons are not smooth on VOB but playing is fine.

ok, so I did what a someone previously wrote:

-did a factory restore of ATV
-updated it to the latest version
-installed ATV Flash latest version
-ran smart installer
-updated nito
-removed all software packages except nitotv

result= the same thing occurs , after about an hour any of my avi/ divx files (that precviously played fine with earlier versions of ATV Flash) start to skip-chop again. ATV Flash support has unfortunatley already quit posting possible solutions to this problem here…because it seems there are none left. still, I would like my ATV to run fine with ATV Flash, because I paid for it just like all of you guys did. So ATV Flash support, what is next ?

After extensive testing we’re not able to replicate the problem here. For those experiencing issues, please email us directly for further troubleshooting.

We’re sorry for any trouble.

most probably nitoTV itself is the problem.
I stopped using it - it freezes my aTV and makes it unusable.
It seems it is full of memory leaks and not well programmed

Nito TV sucks, I am very unhappy with its performance. My movies play fine with the atv files interface though, so that’s what I use for now.

Unfortunately, not sure what my options will be when it comes time to hook up an external drive full of VOB rips. Do I have any other playback interface options for VOB other than nito TV?

How do you (safely) remove software packages after running the atv flash installer and smart installers? Because of the lack of documentation, I hit “install emulators” not knowing what it was…turns out they are a bunch of legacy game emulators (e.g., Sega, NES 64 etc…) that I do not want/need on my Apple TV. What do these emulators do, anyway?

There are other software install options buried in the nito TV interface that I have no idea what they are for, and are not described anywhere in the sparse wiki documentation. For example, what is itunesTS?

atvflash supported suggested removing air control. It worked for me. The choppy video playback on avi files is gone. Here is what they said:

We’ve found a small memory leak that will slowly slow the performance of the AppleTV over time when AirControl is installed. We’re working vigorously to fix this issue, and should have an updated version available soon.

In the meantime you can remove AirControl and the AppleTV will perform normally.

To remove AirControl simply highlight the AirControl option in the Maintenance > Manage Plugins menu, and press the right arrow. You will be prompted to confirm the removal and restart the AppleTV.