Choppy playback in macOS Monterey on M1 Max

I can confirm after trying out 12.2b2 that the choppiness seems to be gone!

Thanks for the reply @skeijmel, it does sound like that was the underlying issue.


after more testing i still see stutters in windowed mode in 12.2b2 :frowning: .

[still stutters in windowed mode] Diagnostics: W1ZCS
just reported.

going to watch the rest of the movie full screen too see if it doesn’t happen there.

15 minutes of watching and 3 stutters fullscreen
[two or three stutters watching full screen like 15 minutes] Diagnostics: 6VGV2
12.2b2 mac os

So sadly we are not out of the water yet. i either was very lucky not see stutters in my test movies.
but while watching a full movie didn’t have the time yet before. it still happens maybe less frequent!?

so my theory about the adaptive sync might have been wrong. anyway i will try a reboot too see if it helps and report back later.

update 2: [still full screen stutter after fresh reboot] Diagnostics: BN9ZV

i dont know if there is any timing in this log but it happened just before i send this log

1 stutter/micro freeze in 10 minutes of full screen movie watching.

so it looks like its not fixed only less frequent in fullscreen and in windowed mode just as frequent.

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