Choppy playback detection incorrect: how does it detect this?

I’m really curious as to how Media Player knows when to give the choppy playback warning. The reason I ask is that I’m getting what I think are strange patterns with those warnings:

I have 2 DVDs that were both ripped (main movie only) with MakeMKV using the default settings. One of the DVDs resulted in a filesize of about 4.3GB and a bitrate close to 4000. The other ripped to a filesize of about 2.3GB and a bitrate close to 3000. The weird thing is I get the choppy playback warning on the smaller file with the lower bitrate. The larger file never gives me the warning. Both files play flawlessly. So my question would be how does media player determine when there will be choppy playback if its not based on file size, bitrate or network throughput?

Also, as a feature request, it would be great if there was a way to ignore or turn off all playback warnings to eliminate this from occurring.