Choppy Hulu Video via Boxee

I’m getting choppy Hulu Video via Boxee is that the norm???


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Were you able to fix the choppiness problem because I am getting it to

I’m not sure I will have to test with my current config…


I’m also having this issue. Watching Hulu via Boxee is choppy for me as well

I am new to this board and just purchased ATV Flash. Seems the online website add made the installation and running of this patch real simple, NOT! I too have experienced choppy video, had to reset back to factory spec my Apple TV and more than once in the last few days my screen has frozen. Seems this patch is not ready for prime time and not worth the $49.00 dollars I paid.

I also notice a lot of questions being raised here with little to no answer form aTV Flash folks. maybe this is not the place for them to asnwer but you think they monitor it and offer solutions.


me too!!!

This is a know issue with Boxee.
Boxee is claiming it will be fixed or at least run better in the next version of Boxee.
Has nothing to do with ATVFlash…