Choppy fullscreen playback in macOS Monterey on M1 Max

We’ve been continuing to investigate this, and in our latest tests it seems this issue may no longer be present in macOS 13.0 beta 8.

Anyone running this version?

I am running macOS Ventura latest beta (22A5358e) on a MacBook Pro M1 Pro 16" (16GB RAM, 16 GPU cores)
After reading @uji 's post, I just tested a 4K HDR10 mkv video in full screen with low power mode enabled (which I never used before) and there was no choppiness.

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So no issues in full screen, whether low power mode is enabled or not?

None that I could see in a few minutes testing, with 2 different 4K HDR10 mkvs, in full screen, with low power mode enabled or disabled.

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We believe Apple has resolved the root issue in macOS 13 (Ventura) which is available today.

If you are still seeing issues after updating, please let us know. Thanks!

Updated to Ventura, still seeing the issue. (MacBook Pro M1 Max 16")

Seems to have fixed it for me. Haven’t noticed the issue in a while.

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It’s there if you switch from powered to battery. The trick is to restart. I assume something related to refresh rate?