Choppy fullscreen playback in macOS Monterey on M1 Max

indeed same problems still here too on 7.3.4 sadly

If it helps, I’ve been having this issue on an external monitor. It occurs when set to fixed refresh, but goes away when I set it to variable refresh. However if there is anything in front of infuse (notification or anything) while in fullscreen, then the stuttering comes back. But with fullscreen + variable refresh it seems fine.

Latest Infuse.
Unusable on my MBP 16" M1 Pro with macOS 12.2.1 with ProMotion enabled.

Playing a 1080p 24p SDR video is so choppy and hurts my eyes.
Works OK if I manually set screen refresh rate to 48p.
…or use FF-works (FFmpeg) to put the video in a .mov container then play it with QuickTime Player.

I am a bit disappointed that this issue is not solved after 4 months. And would gladly help.


@james Can you share any info regarding this issue? Is it still being worked on? It is effectively making Infuse unusable for me at this point.

I can confirm this happens when using the integrated display of a 14” MBP configured with ProMotion, setting up a fixed refresh rate temporarily fixes the issue

@james It is highly unusual that such an issue remains unsolved here for so long.
There is not even a word about it in the “upcoming features” thread

Is there a reason for this?

I get excited with each update, hoping there’ll be a fix but still nothing. I’m using an M1 MacBook 14 Pro (not Max).

It’s annoying having to go into the settings and play guess the frame-rate each time I watch a video and then remember to switch back to ProMotion when I’ve finished. I was hoping the combination of MacOS 12.3 and the latest update to Infuse might fix it bud sadly not!

i Moved over to movist pro for the time beeing no problems there. no stutters or framedrops there and hdr works fine too. it’s indeed becomming frustrating it’s still not fixed.

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It was just tagged as researching a coupled days ago, so they’re looking into it! Just gotta be patient.

I might move over aswell and try MovistPro.

Does it have a skip to next and previous video button on the player Interface?

Also a stop button?

ofcource it has a stop button :wink: its has a lot more options and settings.
next and previous video is cmd + arrow key forward and back. just download it you get a trial week or something and ofc its m1 silicon app too.

Hello there,

It seems like Infuse is skipping one or two frames every second given a MKV HEVC 4K HDR file. Device is an MacBook Pro 16" M1 Pro base model. Please let me know how I can extract more information from this file for diagnosis.

At first I assumed it was the file’s (torrent’s) fault, so I went and bought the movie on Apple TV. Recently I went back to it and decided to open the file in VLC. Surprisingly, there was no stutter at all. This is most apparent in panning shots where playback would skip a frame.

Could it be a network issue? I.e. Could Infuse be fetching/scanning files in the background causing more load on the network? Again this stutter does not happen while using VLC.

@james Would like to report I am hitting pretty severe judder on 7.3.8 on my 14" M1 Max, but only in full screen. Windowed mode no issue. Can provide files if needed. I’m just watching an SDR 1080p HEVC file.

I am really surprised that there is no fix for this.
I have 3 workarounds though, since almosteverything I watch in Infuse is in 23.976p:

  • manually switching display to 47.95Hz when using Infuse (and not forgetting to set it back to Promoion afterwards)
  • using ffmpeg (FF-works) to remux everything to .mov and use QuickTime Player,
  • if you have SwitchResX (I have been using it for years) set up an app rule that switches the display o 47.96Hz whenever Infuse is running and back to its original settings when Infuse stops running. Other display utilities might offer similar features.

My favorite solution would be Infuse to actually work when ProMotion is enabled but I am no longer holding my breath.

Still hitting this on 7.3.10. Only in full screen. 14" M1 Max.

The frame cadence almost looks to me like there’s a consistent interval where frames are not delivered.

Given how long this has been ongoing without resolution it would probably be prudent for the Infuse engineering team to schedule time in the upcoming WWDC labs to get advice on this issue.

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I am also experiencing the full screen stutter on my 2021 16” MacBook. Bookmarked.

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Same problem. MacBook Pro 14. Amazed there’s still no fix. Come on, you’re better than that.

I’ve been experiencing this for awhile on a 14" M1 Max. Today I upgraded to Pro (lifetime) and suddenly everything is buttery smooth in full screen with ProMotion enabled. Seems like a red herring but figured I’d pass it along if it helps the devs. Running 7.3.10 (7.3.4085)

I was having this issue and the last Mac update fixed it for me.

Same here. I do not know if it is an Infuse or macOS change, but I could watch 2 episodes a TV show in Infuse on my MacBook Pro M1 Pro.

With ProMotion turned on.
Without any stutter.

Glad that it’s fixed! :slight_smile: