Choppy fullscreen playback in macOS Monterey on M1 Max

I am hitting this on a 14" with M1 Max. Not unique to 4K or HDR content, happens even with SDR 1080p files.

As mentioned by others, for me the stutter is unique to full screen mode. Windowed mode has no issues.

A weird quirk: video in full screen visually stutters (audio fine),

But if I hold the full screen video on three/four finger sideways scroll, and hold the image just a few pixels out, I’m able to almost view in full screen - and no stutters.

On Pro Display XDR, powered by a clamshell (built-in screen OFF) 14" MBP with M1 Max, I am seeing judder when playing back 23.976 fps movies which should have a perfect frame cadence and no pulldown or judder.

The judder isn’t consistent, in that I can re-watch the same scene many times and the judder happens at different points, may not happen at all, etc. Happens in window or full screen so it seems distinct from the judder being reported on the ProMotion displays.

Please let me know what I can provide in the way of diagnostics, files, etc.

Thanks to those who have been testing and providing feedback here.

We’re continuing to look into this, and hope to have more news soon.

Is the latest version of infuse 7.3 released today?

There are still lags under macbook pro m1pro/max 16

7.3 isn’t available yet, but it will be out soon.

We’re also working on a number of additional improvements for the new MBPs and these changes will be available in 7.3.1.

You can follow this thread for updates.

My post re: Pro Display XDR was moved to this thread, but the judder I am experiencing seems distinct from what is being reported in this thread and that I experience with the laptop’s built in display. Pro Display XDR runs at a fixed refresh rate. Does firecore have info that suggests the issue is specific to M1 systems, or to Monterey and not specifically the pro-motion display on the laptops? If that is the case it seems a bit odd that nobody here is reporting it on the normal M1 or Intel systems.

Edit: sorry, missed the bottom of your first post - windowed & fullscreen is interesting.

Does this then perhaps point to a sync issue between playback fps & the ProMotion displays?

I’m going to try fixing my refresh rate, see if I can reproduce choppiness in windowed mode too.

Update: Locked my FPS (on local 16" display) to 47.95, 48, 50, 59.94, & 60Hz - all stutter free in both window & full screen…

So yeah, looks to be a seperate issue for the Pro Display XDR (can’t confirm though as I don’t have one :slight_smile: )

I met similar problems with latest version 7.3.3947 on Macbook pro 16inch M1 pro.
It was ok with same movies (4k hdr ) with 7.2.x versions in same computer. The differences are the new version of infuse pro and new version of MacOS Monterey 12.1

Today I updated infuse pro to 7.3, then I met serious lag and choppy playbacks with those movies.
I am not sure if the problem is related to latest MacOS Monterey 12.1 , or it is just a version 7.3 problem.

I am using a MacBook Pro14 and when it is not full screen it can play smoothly, when it is full screen it is extremely not smooth, not only Dolby video but HDR video as well. When I close promotion and change the refresh rate to 60Hz, full-screen video playback is back to smooth. I suspect that infuse does not support the adaptive refresh rate of promotion, my system version is Monterey 12.2, infuse version is 7.3

I moved your post to a thread discussing a similar issue. You may want to read through it to see what has transpired so far. Also note that this thread is tagged as “researching” so Firecore is looking into this problem.

14 " MBP M1 pro 8 core also replicating this issue – choppy playback in fullscreen only. Currently the app is not really usable for watching content due to this bug.

Edit; even in full screen mode, if the cursor provokes the menu bar from showing the stuttering stops. Comes right back when the only element on screen is the video. This has been the case in HDR, nonHDR 4k and 1080p content.

I did not have this issue prior to the update that was pushed a couple days ago.

I watched the last hour of a 14p DV movie yesterday on my MBP 16" M1 Pro.
WIth ProMotion tuned on.

And, to my surprise, playback was silky smooth. (which has not always been the case in previous attempts).

One thing: the movie was already on my Mac’s SSD (I had downloaded it).

So it might be that the issues might be related to playing movies full screen with ProMotion on over wifi from the local network.
(I have had many issues with playing or downlaoding videos from my local network, where Infuse is 3 to 20 times slower than the similar operation (downloading vs. copy) in the Finder.

Do you have the same issue if you first download the movie to your Mac?

The upcoming 7.3.1 release adds full support for Adaptive Sync on ProMotion displays, which should help with what is going on here. :slight_smile:

Happen to have a beta for 7.3.1 I could test out to see if it resolves the issue?

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nice to hear any e.t.a ?

Happy to report that 7.3.1 seems to have fixed the issue at least in initial testing. Will test further today to confirm it’s resolved.

where can you get this 7.3.1 beta

Send a PM to James

I do watch the movies ( UHD ISO ) through a Wifi5 5Ghz( about 35 MB/s ) from a NAS, and it is choppy.
But it did work without any problems with the old version of infuse pro
Low bitrate movies through Wifi seem OK.
i’m going to copy the file to local disk to see if it is OK.

//update: Copying file to local SSD doesn’t solve the problem . Waiting for 7.3.1 upgrade.