Choppy fullscreen playback in macOS Monterey on M1 Max

Running Monterey 12.0.1 with brand new 16" M1 Max and playback of UHD The Fifth Element is choppy.

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Did some more testing this only happens when you fullscreen the video.

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If you’re able to replicate this issue and send in a report (Preferences > Email Us) and post the code here, it may help us see what’s going on.

Also, the next update will have a number of improvements for macOS Monterey, which may help with this.

Thank you, James. I emailed the report the code is Diagnostics: 1DJ13

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FYI, I also have a new M1 Max MacBook Pro, and I’m seeing the same issue.
The image quality for HDR though is amazing!

Is this happening with all files, or just a few?

Trying to replicate this issue on a 14" MBP (M1 Pro) and not having much luck.

Where can I upload a test footage for you to use to troubleshoot?

Files of any size can be uploaded here. Thanks!

Thanks James. I’m just gonna split the MKV file and upload it. Might take a little while.

Uploading now. Should take about 30mins. You can see in the test file I uploaded it is choppy in fullscreen mode but not choppy when windowed. Running on MacOS 12.0.1

The opening credits display frame drops / stuttering while in fullscreen.

Edit: Upload finished.

Not sure if it is the same issue, but had Infuse drop frames on easy ( HEVC 1080p) files on a 16" MBP M1 Pro.
Only sometimes. Same on battery or charger.
Might be related to ProMotion? (I have not disabled it).
If I see the issue again I’ll report the diagnostic code.

No luck replicating with your sample. :slightly_frowning_face:

Seems it may be specific to the 16" model, so I guess we’re doing this.

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Also, have you changed any of the display settings?

I’m testing with the default settings.

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16" MBP arrived and I was able to replicate the issue with the default settings.



I can take your 14” off your hands :wink:

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Thank you James! Very strange only the 16 inch has the issue. All the best in fixing the bug!

I’m on the new 14 M1 Pro. The problem happens when I play on fullscreen and enable ProMotion only. If I fixed refresh rate to 60Hhz the problem is gone. So, it seem related to the new refresh rate thing on the new display. Hope this helps!

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I was also able to replicate the issue on a 14 inch base model (8core pro). Had dropped frames/stutters during video playback on a 4k HDR movie.

edit: after testing this only seems to occur while in fullscreen. if it’s just running windows no stutters/choppiness occurs.

Having a MBP 16’ Pro base model, and here I have choppy playback as well.

Seems to happen only when in full screen. That is enabling the whole HDR thing on the device, so could it something with that?

I’m also experiencing this issue. I’ll follow some of the steps outlined here like disabling pro-motion to see if that helps temporarily.