Choppy 24p w/HDR playback on iPhone XS

Turning off auto brightness does not change anything for me.

I recommend following the macrumors forum thread I posted above. Ignore anything posted by Sinonson81. He appears to be kind of an idiot.

This is almost 3 mos 1/4 of the phones cycle and this idiot has narrowed down the issue is is I face the pmc power management chip in device sold in the USA the duel sim that’s sold over seas does not have this issue I’m talking about the 2 physical sims variant and it’s in fact a hardware issue as the dual physical sim intl version has diff pmc all
Other chips are identical almost so this is only difference and def the issue.

Hi, just had a thought, can Firecore incorporate something like Fluid Motion or other kind of video smoothing playback like the TVs have? Or maybe it can switch the FPS on the phones display like the TVs also can? I think that either of these could potentially resolve the problem. The refresh rate of the Display would be optimal, I can see that from the TV, I don’t see any of the problems that I see on the phone. If this is not possible then maybe upping the frame rate of the video to match the phones display refresh rate?

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It’s not a refresh rate problem. People have narrowed it down to some sort of HDR brightness adjustment conflicting with the system auto brightness setting.

You are wrong, there are two problems. One problem is the the one you mentioned, and this is really a performance issue where you get maybe 5-10 FPS during playback in non regular intervals when you have automatic brightness turned on.
The other problem is that Infuse is not able to sync the display refresh to the movie FPS which results in non fluid movie playback. This was not so much visible on the LCD since they had pixel lag or as you could call motion blur due to pixel lag. While on pled it’s more apparent. I can see a big difference while playing films that have other FPS than 30 or 60 like the mentioned 24 FPS or even 25FPS. Like I previously wrote, INFUSE for ATV is able to switch the TV to the appropriate refresh so that the TV is in ideal sync with the movie. If infuse is not able to change the refresh rate of the iPhone display it could use some motion smotheness technique to match the displays refresh rate.
Maybe I’m wrong but I can see this problem on all movies, not just HDR ones.

The iPhone doesn’t support ProMotion like the newer (last 2 generation) iPad Pro’s. It also doesn’t support resolution switchining like the Apple TVs. I don’t think there’s anything anyone can do to change the refresh rate on the iPhones, but you can always submit a ticket to Apple.

The iPhones have locked refresh rate. Motion blur is common on OLED screens however the original topic that I posted about here isn’t about motion blur from OLED. If you go to the Mac Rumors link I posted it’s a much different problem that the community has managed to pin down.