Choosing Poster & Background Artwork

As of 7.1 artwork is now being pulled from TheMovieDb and while 90% of the time the artwork from that source seems “ok” there are times when the artwork that has been picked as primary is a little bit rubbish!

I’ve joined TheMovieDb thinking I can, in some way, effect the choice of this primary artwork and it seems difficult, if not impossible, to do this given some of the rules they have. An example of this is that the Background should always be from the latest season. Not something that I completely agree with as the latest season artwork is sometimes junk.

While I understand that I can add artwork to the folders/series/seasons/episodes of my library it would be much easier/better to have a “edit artwork” button (in the same place as the edit metadata link) that would at least give you the option of picking from the selection of artwork (poster & background) that is already on TMDb.

Hopefully, others will think this suggestion good enough to like it! :slight_smile:


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