Choose version for Episodes in Aliyun library

I’ve been using Infuse 7 for a long time but I still can’t find a way to merge the same episode but different languages into one in Aliyun library.
I have two versions of My Little Pony on my Aliyun drive. They are kept in 2 different folders. English version is named as MLP_EN, while Chinese version is named as MLP_CN. They all have the whole season’s episode and the naming convention is perfectly right. Now when I scan my library, Infuse can recognize the episode but it shows me twice. For each episode, I have 2 thumbnails for 2 versions and most importantly, when I autoplay the episode, it’s not leading me to the next episode but the next language version.
So I would like to request a merge feature for episodes as well. Something like the Movies version selection where I can choose which to play, 4K or 1080P. Only ONE thumbnail would be presented on the screen and I can choose which version to play by filtering their names.
As far as I know, Emby server is able to choose the version according to the namings so hopefully we can have it on Infuse as well.