Chicken of VNC, Firefox, eyeTV 3.0.1

These three applications work with my installation of aTV. First, it has been reported that eyeTV doesn’t work with aTV, but it has also been reported that you can downgrade eyeTV to version 3.0.1. This worked for me. I now have a mostly satisfactory personal video recorder on AppleTV.

Both Firefox and eyeTV work best with a USB keyboard attached to AppleTV. Chicken of VNC allows me to use my MacBook Pro to interact with the AppleTV, no keyboard required. The performance is better with the attached USB keyboard.

I can’t report on the details of my installation since it was by “trial and error” but followed suggestions on links in this forum. I did find a link which explains how to downgrade to an older version of eyeTV. Kudos to eyeTV for maintaining the archive.

I still use the Apple remote to interact with AppleTV for the normal user interface. Chicken of VNC only replaces keyboard input.