Checking For Saved Signatures


Over the last 20 hours Seas0npass has failed to connect to the Cydia/iFaith servers, (Seasonpass is unable to establish a connection popup window) having read up a bit on this I realise it’s actually the iAcqua servers which the software is supposed to connect to and having also checked the URL it’s non-responsive or down.

Does this happen from time to time, is anyone else experiencing this problem, is there a way round it so I can Jailbreak an Apple TV 2 ?

As always thanks for any insight or assistance with this issue.

Your not the only one.
I have det same problem right now with it on PC

Am I correct in assuming if and are both down then Jailbreaking an Apple TV 2 via Seas0nPass is currently impossible ?

Or does this failure to connect to the server have something to do with the new 0.9.7 update ? (meaning the previous version 0.9.6 is null and void or soon to be)

Never understand why “Seasonpass” has to depend on 3rd party server other than Apple signing server. All the third party severs are unpredictable and not stable.
I hope there is a seasonpass version only contact Apple to get signature and that is it.