"Check Version": aTV (black) installer can not proceed.

Hi guys, I was more than happy to read that an untethered jailbreak was out for my atv 2 running 5.01. Sea0npass worked fine, and I have a succcessfully jailbroken ATV2 (black) hooked up to my TV set. I bought aTV Flash (black), but I couldn’t get it to install. I’m using my MacBook Pro running OsX 10.7.3. Whenever I run the downloaded aTV Flash (black), Mac - 1.5.1 Version, it freezes at “Check Version”. An error message pops up that says something like “Oops, that should not have happened. aTV Installer can not proceed. That can have 2 causes: 1. You are not connected to the Internet 2. you are not running the latest version of atv (black). Please download the latest version.” (Rough translation, the error message is in german on my computer. I uploaded a screenshot here: atv problem )

I am connected to the internet and I assume the version I just downloaded (1.5.1) is the latest one. I deactivated little snitch. I have a working Home Sharing and Airplay connection. What is the problem?

I would be very happy about some tips from you guys. Thanks a lot!

Delete all previous versions of aTV Flash and redownload.

Also make sure you can get to this page: http://dl.firecore.com/black/validate.txt

I deleted the old one I downloaded yesterday, no luck. The Link you postet works, it just shows a .txt saying “1.5.1.” I disabled my firewall and little snitch, it didn’t help. I still can’t install aTV Flash. Are there some prefs I can delete, or is there a leftover directory from an older version I could manually delete?

Well, good news. I managed to install it with my girlfriends PC. That worked fine. I guess it’s some osX bug.

I’m having same problem with my Mac, I’ll try a PC to install… just work eh apple?