Check if user is still watching during continuous playback

I fell asleep while watching an episode of a TV show and woke up to find Infuse still playing, about 8 episodes later.

It would be nice to have an (optional!) prompt during continuous play to allow the device/tv to sleep if the viewer is no longer watching. Maybe every 3 episodes or so, similar to Netflix or the Kodi addon ‘Next Up Notifications’.




I really need this feature!



sleep timer on future planned. maybe that would work?

Depends on how it’s implemented I guess, but I don’t think that’s quite what I want.

I’m looking for something I can toggle on that, while the app is autoplaying, checks for user presence every couple of episodes. If the user does not respond, then the app stops playing, and the apple TV can automatically sleep itself.

What I don’t want is something that triggers after 2 hours, or at 2am, or something explicitly time-based. That’s awkward and inflexible (maybe I’m not tired in 2 hours, do I need to reset it? will it warn me before it shuts off? etc.)

That’s also a useful feature to have, it just doesn’t scratch my itch.

Can we add a type of message after viewing 3 or 4 episodes of a tv-show, asking if you’re still watching? Sometimes when watching a 20-minute show and I fall asleep, it usually skips a couple of episodes and marks them as ‘watched’. So it becomes difficult for me to know which episode I reached to.

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+1 ~ this would be great and should be easy to implement.

Why not simply turn off the Continuous play option in the inFuse settings?

Because I can’t bother choosing next episode all the time?

That’s like suggesting not having the option of adding ‘Favourites’ because you can just navigate to the folder yourself.

This is a suggestion section and the above is a great suggestion. If the likes of Netflix has this feature available you have to consider it being a useful feature that users would appreciate.

I use Infuse mostly at night to stream content before bed, what would be really useful if there was an on option in settings that after watching e.g. 4-5 episodes a prompt popped up saying “are you still watching” - Netflix currently do this and it’s a great way to prevent episodes being watched if you drift off. Could this be implemented? I think it would be great if it was on option.


Just curious, wouldn’t it be even better to just turn off auto play? Then you’d only see the episodes you are awake to start.

I’ve tried that but it’s gets annoying having to cue up each episode. It’s more convenient to set the episode on then leave it to progress. It’s super useful.

I think this would be a nice feature. My iPad is always dead every morning coz i slept thru the show and the whole season is now watched when in reality I only watched 1 & a half episodes.

Doesnt most TV’s already have a sleep timer build in?

They do, but that’s different from the functionality being requested.

A TV sleep timer:

  • Turns off the TV after some fixed amount of time. If I set it for an hour, and decide to watch another episode of something at the 55 minute mark, too bad.
  • Requires me to manually and explicitly turn it on each time, using a different remote.
  • May or may not stop Infuse playback. If I don’t have CEC enabled, my AppleTV will never notice that the TV is off.

The proposed “Are you still there?” feature:

  • If enabled, pops up a message box every couple of episodes (ideally, how often is configurable) confirming user presence.
  • Stops Infuse playback regardless of TV settings.
  • Works with the physical/virtual apple remotes.

It’s more convenient. I don’t have to think about turning it on, or how long I plan to stay up before I go to sleep, it’s just there and it just works. It also works if I leave something playing during the day and walk away from it, when I’m very unlikely to turn on a TV timer.


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