Check for Updates menu item in aTV Flash application

Would it make sense to have a “Check for Updates…” menu item in the aTV Flash program? Most programs use the Sparkle framework, which makes it really easy. Or is it a non-issue, since all updates get installed from within the Apple TV itself? The way I see it, I never know when I might need to make a new installation kit, so I keep the program handy. Thoughts?

Once installed on the AppleTV, all updates can be installed through the Maintenance > Manage Plugins menu. There is no need to update using a USB flash drive.

It would be good to have an “update all” to save having to keep going through the plugin and application menus.

Upgrading to 4.04 is a good example of this.

I agree with dgilbert22’s comment about an “Update all” option.

I’m also wondering what the aTV Flash updates are comprised of, since the release notes talk about how they have updated versions of the plugins, which we have to manually install ourselves. Is there always aTV Flash software/firmware driving the Apple TV?

Any thoughts on an Update All button? Also, I know where to find the updates to individual plugins, but where do the updates to aTV Flash show up?

The aTV Flash version will be updated when updating the ‘Maintenance’ item.