Character Encoding Problem on Turkish Subtitles


I have been using Infuse since Apple Tv 4 released and I had no problem except some minor bugs.

When I download a subtitle, I always check it on my mac first then I watch the movie on my Apple Tv 4 with no problem.
I use VLC and MplayerX on my mac. They both can encode Turkish subtitles with no problem at all.
About two months ago this problem appeared. (I didn’t have it before.)
In Infuse “some subtitles” do not look properly. Some characters appear like “%&*+”
When I have this problem, I go back to my mac, check the same subtitle with another player and everything seems OK?
I always have to download another subtitle (for the same movie), try it on Apple Tv and when I find the proper shown one, I can finally watch.
But sometimes, there are not so many variations for the same subtitle and I can’t watch the movie on the ATV…
This is really annoying… :frowning:

By the way, I have tried both TURKISH-ISO and TURKISH-WINDOWS encoding modes from the dropdown menu on ATV4

Not all subtitles have the same problem. Just some of them. (%50)??

Infuse 4 has a serious encoding problems with some subtitles. (Because every other players can encode the SAME subtitle properly!)

To FireCore Family,
Should I wait an update for this?
Because you broke this with the latest update and it is up to you to fix it :slight_smile:

Sorry for my bad English :slight_smile:

Hmm, can you point me at a sample subtitle file that is giving you trouble so we can try and replicate the issue here?

Hi James!
Thank you for your interest!
I have two srt files with the same time sequence for the same movie. (,
One looks right but the other is incorrectly encoded on all infuse 4 apps. (ATV4, iPad, iPhone)
I tried both in VLC and MplayerX on my mac and look perfect. (They can encode both srt files perfectly.)

You can find screenshots of the subtitles and the actual srt files on the link below.
In addition, you can see in the “Subtitle.jpg”, I can manually convert “” to (Turkish Latin 5) with MS Office Word and it looks fine again.

Briefly, every other media player can decode it to “Turkish Latin 5” or something else but Infuse cant. Thats the problem!

It was really difficult for me to write these (:
Please check the link below and you will get my problem.

PS: “” is the correct one.

Thanks! We’ll take a look. :wink: