Chapter thumbnails

is there a way you guys can add chapters pic so we can see what scene is instead of you chapter number, every oder app like plex and emby have this function and is way better than just chapters numbers, can you please considered

thanks in advanced



I think the top menu should be look and feel like the one of the Apple TV native player (same structure, wording and visuals (including chapter pics)).




Hello everyone!

The problem is:
I organize my Movies with Subler app, so I add Chapters and Chapter Images to movie container.
Everything runs smoothly via Infuse except 2 points:

  • No chapter images, only list of chapter names in ‘Info’ section, does Infuse have option to view chapter images?
  • Infuse recognizes Chapters Track as Subtitles Track, so I always have extra Subtitle Track in Subtitles section, it’s annoying.

In iTunes everything is allright: Chapters with Images; No odd subtitles.

Can u fix it?

Thanks for attention.

I have the same issue. A fix would be greatly appreciated.

This isn’t supported right now, but I’ll pass along the idea and see what we can do.

Thank you!
Extra subtitles (chapters) to disappear is more important than Chapter Images to add,
so It would be greatly appreciated to be fixed firstly.

Can the chapters in moves displayed on TVOS be displayed in a more user friendly manner? More in the manner that the software “Subler” creates subtitles. Please note the picture attached as an example. Swipe down from the top - chapters are displayed in thumbnail view - click on desired chapter and play is automatic.

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That looks like a good idea

That would be great. We need a visual way to navigate through chapters.


could be possible have Infuse like these?



You may want to be more specific as to what you want to see changed.

There is a forum here specifically for suggestions on infuse that may get you more attention that here.

You may want to try turning off “List View” under setting to see if that’s how you want your screens to look.

Hi, sorry for the wrong section.

I was asking if is possibile haven Netflix style thumbnails on TvOS Dock and chapter as thumbnails during movie playing.


Moving to suggestions. :slight_smile:

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+1 for the chapters in the in-playback info dropdown. The AppleTV native Plex ciient has this too, and it’s attractive and very handy.

Agree this would be extremely useful.

Agreed with chapters but concerning the dock, I prefer the posters.