Chapter images on video playback

Running Infuse Pro 6.4.9 on Apple TV4K connecting to Jellyfin 10.6.4 and Plex Media Server

Just want to understand what is the expected view when you enable chapter control in Infuse.

Currently when I swipe down during playback, under the Videos menu you can click on the Chapters option and a drop down list of chapters with timestamps appears for you to select.

In the TVOS app for Plex the chapters appear as extracted images.

My memory may be incorrect but I thought when I first started using Infuse a month ago that chapter images were displayed as well. It was one of the cool features I was surprised by. Is my memory failing me?

I thought it could be because I’ve added the Jellyfin and PMS servers, so I added a share directly from the NAS which created duplicate library entries. I selected content in the video info that showed it was hosted from the NAS IP address instead of Jellyfin or Plex and tested to see if any change to behaviour but no change.

Did Infuse at one time display extracted chapter images?

Per the users guide

Chapter Controls (Apple TV only) - Adjust the edge-tap behavior. On = Chapter Skip, Off = 10s skip

Not that I recall seeing.

Thanks, I did read that as well.

No worries, saves me wasting time trying to find a solution to a problem that only existed in my mind, jeepers my memory is failing me :smile: