Chapter buttons

It would be REALLY nice if the left and right arrows would take you to the next and previous chapters.

You can toggle chapter controls by pressing the down arrow button. This will add vertical lines (chapter markers) to the timeline, and will allow you navigate chapters using the left/right arrows.

Screenshot can be found here: Coming soon - Access chapters for most files types.

When I tried this it did not work but I will give it another shot. I am now using a Video_TS file structure so maybe it will be different. Will let you know

Are you running the later 0.7.1 version of Media Player? If needed, you can check for updates through the Maintenance –> Manage Extras menu.

I believe so - Just loaded beta 6 yesterday and installed the Media Player from the Maintenance install.

Ok, you can also access chapters through the Playback menu, which can be opened by holding the center (select) button during playback.

that worked, but i didnot managed to get the chapter marks while pressing DOWN on my atv2 remote. only the volume slider came up.

any suggestions? i find it rather unlovely to stop/leave the film just because i want to skip to an other chapter.

is or could there be a setting which i have to switch on before that? where would i find it?

In order to access the chapters bar by pressing down, you will need to disable the Volume Control feature found in the Media –> Settings –> Playback menu.

strange enough, when i have a look at the setting, its disabled, but the volume control still pops up.

so what now?