changing USB drive does not work

Help, I have an issue with a NEW external USB drive. The AppleTV & Flash are working perfect, including a current external USB drive. For more capacity, I wanted to replace the drive with a much bigger external drive (2TB, within the specs). The new drive however does NOT show up. I can choose the drive as external primary drive to sync with iTunes (so the ATV does see it!), but I don't want that.

I just want it to replace the previous drive, but whatever I do, it doesn't show up. Not in ATV, nor in Cyberduck.


Help ?

I am having the same exact issue.  Format is Mac on the drive.  The drive has content too and is named MediaHD

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I've been wrestling with this for days.



Are you attempting to use the drive as primary (iTunes syncing) or secondary (non-iTunes) storage?

If you want to use the drive as secondary storage, it will need to have a name other than MediaHD (this name is used for primary iTunes storage drives and will be ignored by nitoTV).