Changing the Infuse background colour

Is it possible to change the Infuse background colour as i don’t like the brown

If you’re talking about the tint color the background is I believe that is a factor of what ever screen saver was active last when the ATV woke. If you cycle through to one of the space scenes and wake it you get a nice dark blue tint that goes well with the dark theme.

Thanks for that, i’ll have to wait for more screen savers to download.

Well i’ve tried that but the background does not change unfortunatly, does anyone else have any ideas

Could you post a screen cap of what you’re talking about? That may help.

Here is a shot of the main screen showing the background colour. Hopw this woorks ok

Now I can see what you’re referring to.
When you have the “Up Next List” in settings turned to off and you have no additional lists set up below the favorites Infuse will default to the screen you have. You can do several things to change that. First, if you want no other lists on the home screen you can change your ATV to the dark mode and it will give a more pleasing (strictly my opinion) Infuse background screen.

If you add a list either from the Library ( which it appears you have disabled) that will give you a blurred version of the last screen saver. I have the Up Next List to show the “Watching only” and it works well for me but that’s a personal choice too.

From what I can see I’d suggest you turn on Library and then make the “Recently Added” in Movies and TV both lists that would be below your favorites. That would give you the more muted background and also show you what you’ve recently added to both categories.

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Thanks for that, I will have a play and see how it looks

I set the the “Up Next List” in settings turned to On and ATV to dark mode and it looks great.

Thanks for all the help


Glad to help! Just be warned, once you start changing things on the home screen it’s addictive. :wink:

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